A purple spring for all

A purple spring for all

Rotary members plant thousands of crocus corms every year in a bid to raise awareness of Rotary’s campaign to end polio. An early start to Spring 2019 led to joy on the streets…

In contrast to harsh winter spells a year prior, Spring 2019 has sprung much earlier than usual.

Rotary Day shied gloom away and allowed an early bloom for crocus corms across Great Britain and Ireland.

The warmer weather woke the plants premature from their winter snooze, transforming communities with a sea of vibrant purple.

Purple is a symbolic colour as it is the dye used to mark a child’s little finger when they have received their polio immunisation.

Over the years, club members have planted corms with the help of local schools and youth groups.

By planting a crocus, both funds and awareness are raised within the community.

Rotary has helped immunise billions of children overseas against polio since 1985 and now there are just three endemic countries – Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria.

Amersham Rotary

Amersham Rotary have planted over 10,000 crocuses in the community over the years, with the support of many keen helpers.

Banbury Rotary

Banbury Rotary planted many crocuses at a local church.

Harrogate Rotary

The results of volunteers last October on World Polio Day were celebrated with sunshine this February.

Lunesdale Rotary

Lunesdale Rotary planted these crocuses back in 2016. Three years later, they bloom again.

Crocuses bloom again

Mendip Rotary

Mendip members have been keen to support the cause from the beginning, and signposted their efforts on a local patch of grass for all to see.

Purley Rotary

Members in Purley spelt out ‘Rotary’ in various locations of the South London town last year.

Purley Rotary members in the community

Smiles stretched across their faces as the plants flourished as hoped, continuing to raise awareness of the campaign to end polio.

Reepham Rotary

Reepham Rotary continue to raise awareness of Rotary’s campaign with a plaque in the midst of the blossom.

Runcorn Rotary

The public has appreciated the views Rotary clubs have created in their towns and villages also.

Stratford-upon-Avon Rotary

In Shakespeare’s town, crocuses flower creating a flood of purple in fields.


All details on purchasing crocus this year will be available soon.

Crocus corms

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