Rotarians to join World’s Big Sleep Out

Rotarians to join World’s Big Sleep Out

This December, an estimated 50,000 people will be choosing to sleep rough to raise awareness and money for homelessness charities. A number of Rotarians are expected to take part.

Rotarians from across Great Britain and Ireland are planning to sleep under the stars in London, Edinburgh and Dublin this December.

The World’s Big Sleep Out takes place on December 7 at a number of iconic venues across the globe, serving as a clarion call to end homelessness.

London’s Trafalgar Square, Dublin’s Croke Park and Edinburgh’s Princes Street Gardens will be the focus of a worldwide sleep-out which will also take place at New York’s Times Square, Central Park in Delhi, Chicago’s Lincoln Park, along with venues in Cardiff, Belfast and Newcastle.

An estimated 50,000 people from across the planet are expected to take part in the World’s Big Sleep Out.”

Madrid, Santiago, Brussels, Barcelona, Rijeka in Croatia and Kharkiv in Ukraine will also host big city sleep-outs.

Gravesend’s Dr Himansu Basu, will be among four Rotarians heading to London for the Trafalgar Square Big Sleep Out.

Organisers are inviting 2,000 people to join the event which has received the support of Olympian Sir Chris Hoy, David Duffy, chief executive officer of CYBG, and Ross McEwan, chief executive officer of the Royal Bank of Scotland.

“Our purpose is to promote Rotary service to our communities, and hopefully have individuals join Rotary to augment our efforts,” explained Dr Basu.

“We do not all have to travel to London or Edinburgh to participate. We can be a part of the big event by organising a sleep out on the day in our own locality, in a supermarket car park, for instance.

“In our case, there are four of us – three from Northfleet with Ebbsfleet Garden City Rotary – and one from Greenwich Rotary are registered to be at Trafalgar Square.”

An estimated 50,000 people from across the planet are expected to take part in the World’s Big Sleep Out.

Dr Josh Littlejohn, the event’s founder and co-founder of Social Bite, said: “If you can’t join the London event, you can also Host Your Own sleep out.

“This can take place in your back garden, your office car park, high school or university.

“By raising funds and working together, we can invest a target of $50 million globally into charities tackling local homelessness in your city and many others, as well as the refugee crisis internationally.”


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