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Rotary club organises free prostate screening

Rotary club organises free prostate screening

In the UK, about one in eight men will get prostate cancer at some point in their lives, and early detection is critical. A Rotary club in the Midlands received a very positive reaction when they set up a free screening clinic.

Rotary Lichfield St Chad in the Midlands has been raising awareness of prostate cancer.

The Staffordshire-based club staged a free prostate screening check at the Cathedral Hotel for men from the city.

Jyoti Shah, a consultant urologist from Burton NHS Hospitals Trust, and her colleague Sarah Minns, a Macmillan Advanced Nurse Practitioner, devoted a whole day of their own time to provide a service which many men find it difficult to confront.

The session was so popular that it was fully booked a month ahead of the event, when 39 men went through a PSA blood test, together with an examination of the prostate.

It takes only ten minutes, but it could save a life.

Rotary members David Cooke and Sam Ellicott were on hand to book patients in and see to their general welfare, including refreshments and biscuits.

David Cross, President of the club, said: “This is a fine example of how Rotary works directly in the community;  identifying a need and offering the means to solve it.

“I would like to thank Miss Shah and Sarah for giving up their own free time in providing this service, and also extend our thanks to the Cathedral Hotel for their kind help in providing the two rooms free of charge for the event.

“We shall be running this programme again next year.”

Rotary Ride 2019

In June, Rotary is linking up with our friends at Prostate Cancer UK, Prostate Scotland, Prostate Cymru and the Irish Cancer Society for Rotary Ride 2019.

You can choose to support a local prostate charity if you prefer.

There are many reasons for taking part, aside from helping to save lives and support families of patients.

Rotary Ride 2019 ready for action!

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