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Rotary disabled sports project receives sponsorship boost

Rotary disabled sports project receives sponsorship boost

A Rotary-led project to support disabled sport has landed a lucrative sponsorship deal.

The ‘Yes We Can’ sports initiative was kick-started 15 months ago to provide opportunities for disabled people across Bedfordshire.

And spilling out of the initiative was the formation of the Buzzards football team.

Now the automotive part company, FAI, has lent their support to the football team with a three-year sponsorship deal worth £10,500.

The deal was sealed with a presentation at the home of Football League side, MK Dons, with the Dons’ star striker, Rhys Healey.

Richard Johnson is the man behind the disabled sports project, who got the initiative working thanks to the work of fellow Rotary members, Nick Inwards and Peter Banwell.

Richard explained: “The Buzzards are the football element of the our Rotary club’s ‘Yes We Can’ sports initiative for those with a disability, and we have partnered with the MK Dons, FAI, Mencap and others to deliver this particular aspect.

“The Buzzards have players aged from six-years-old right through to over 50 and are pan-disability.

“They play competitive league football catering predominantly for those with a non-visible disability.

“Our overall project started life 15 months ago to try and provide sporting opportunities for those with a disability in our immediate area. Nothing existed, save for one lady’s efforts to provide swimming.

“We now help people from across South and West Bedfordshire, and the surrounding area, and our initiative continues to grow.”

The Buzzards are a part of the MK Dons Sports Education Trust, so the players are able to train with MK Dons’ coaches, attend league matches and play in the ‘Bobi’ league with other MK Dons Set teams.

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