Rotary Foundation helps upskill hospice staff

Rotary Foundation helps upskill hospice staff

Rotary Foundation is supporting Thames Hospice in order to upskill staff and improve the health and palliative care that hospice offers.

The Global Grant application for support of the new Thames Hospice project in Berkshire – South East England – has been approved by the Rotary Foundation.

The project focuses on financing the upskilling of eight Health Care assistants to become Nursing Assistants and train one Senior Palliative Care Nurse to become a Prescriber Nurse. This means pain killers and other palliative drugs can be administered by staff on-site to ease the patient’s discomfort.

This grant has been made possible thanks to the support from Rotary in the Thames Valley who granted $15,000 as well as another $12,000 by the Rotary Foundation. There has also been a substantial donation from two Rotary clubs in Germany.

The hospice garden

The project is valued at $59,605, this means that both patients and their friends and relatives can be at peace that the patient is getting the best care possible from nurses that they know.

Initial training of the staff together with on-the-job experience and evaluation will take approximately one year to complete, starting in March or April.

Usually, the Rotary Foundation grants are provided to ‘outbound’ projects, where Rotary in Great Britain & Ireland supports causes abroad. However, the Thames Hospice project is an example of an ‘inbound’ Foundation Grant.

If there are any further questions relating to this project, please contact either Derek Smith or Alan Clare.