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Rotary Young Filmmaker 2022: The national results

Rotary Young Filmmaker 2022: The national results

Participants of the 2021/22 Rotary Young Filmmaker were faced with the theme of ‘Environment’ to be their muse. Here are the winning movies.

The annual Rotary Young Filmmaker Competition provides an opportunity for young media fanatics to express their creative side through the power of film.

Young Filmmaker is one of ten competitions organised by Rotary Great Britain and Ireland to challenge young minds. To find out more about what other competitions are available click here.

Each year the participants are provided with a theme to focus on, this year’s being ‘Environment’.

As part of this competition, participants aged 7 to 17 are asked to write, edit and direct their very own short film.

This year’s winners include the following:


Winner of the Senior section – James Willet


James’s film ‘Bag For Life’ is the story of one bag which floats with the wind and ends up in the River Thames.

The film is a call to action to reduce the number of plastics ending up in the River Thames which is among one of the most plastic polluted rivers in the world.


Winner of the Intermediate Section – Ashton Dumont


Ashton’s very own Lego Movie shows how plastic pollution can impact our oceans and how reducing the plastics we throw away can save the oceans and sea life!


Winner of the Junior Section – Michael Tan


Micheal’s movie ‘How to recycle in St. Ives’ is an informative documentary about how the people of St. Ives can do their part for the small town.


If you are interested in getting involved in the 2022/23 Rotary Young Filmmaker Competition the information pack and poster will be available soon!

For more information about the competitions and to get involved please contact your local Rotary club.