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Students discover new skill with the help of Rotary and the army

Students discover new skill with the help of Rotary and the army

A project lead by Winchester Rotary and a Hampshire secondary school presented a unique opportunity to students who wanted to learn a new skill.

A collaboration between Winchester Rotary, Henry Beaufort Secondary School and Worthy Down army camp allowed a group of local children to successfully try their hand at a new skill: filmmaking.

After Henry Beaufort School approached Winchester Rotary with the idea, Rotarian Steve Feeney, a professional videographer, set the students the challenge of putting together a four-minute film entitled ‘A Career in The Forces’.

The title choice was the result of a visit to Winchester Rotary by Honorary Member Brigadier Mike Caldicott, who offered the unmatchable staff skills and facilities of Worthy Down Camp, Winchester.

This nationally recognised tri-service training and education establishment presented an amazing opportunity for the children, Winchester Rotary and Henry Beaufort School. The films they created would be shown at Henry Beaufort’s Celebration Assembly.

The students of Henry Beaufort Secondary School got to practice their filmmaking skills at Worthy Down army camp.

The 10 boys and girls were divided into 4 groups, each led by a Youth Team Rotarian, who went on to meet up for one day a week for four weeks to complete a range of activities.

Day one was a ‘getting to know you’ session, followed by a tutorial from Steve on camera craft, interviewing techniques, script writing, together with the basics of editing.

By day two the young groups were chatting to each other and to the Rotarians as well as they took on ‘Exploration Worthy Down Day’ where they visited workshops and training hubs.

The children visited the assault course – no place for the unfit, the gym, tailoring school where all the complex service uniforms are made. They tried on jackets, busbies, hats and caps, resulting in lots of laughter and hilarious photos.

Next came the Food Services Training Wing, the Defence School of Logistics, the fuel supply and analysis depot where the children were presented with a huge variety of filming and interviewing material.

The children vastly enjoyed trying on the outfits at Worthy Down!

At the end of the day – a touch of genius by Sergeant Major Lee Welden – each child was promoted to the rank of Corporal, complete with lanyards – they were hooked.

Day three involved filming and interviewing at Worthy Down. By now, the group was transformed into an enthusiastic, interested team, bubbling with chat, questions, ideas and laughter.

The final day arrived all too soon – a morning at Henry Beaufort, with each group refining and editing their film. A surprise lunch, courtesy of Worthy Down, concluded a the thoroughly rewarding project

This was yet another Rotary initiative which gave everyone who took part the gift of a unique experience, new friendships and broader horizons.

Rotarian Steve Feeney remarked: “I thought in view of the young age of the children, the skill challenge of the film making would be too much for them. How completely wrong I was.”