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School children enjoy summer holiday trip thanks to Rotary

School children enjoy summer holiday trip thanks to Rotary

The Wingate Centre in Cheshire, is an independent charity devoted to enriching the lives of children and young people with disabilities and special needs. A group of primary school children were given a two-day treat at the centre thanks to Rotary.

Thirty children from Nantwich Primary Academy spent two days and a night at the Wingate Centre in Wrenbury, Cheshire.

This was a summer holiday opportunity which many of the children, aged between six and eight would never have had if not for the support of the Nantwich Rotary.

The Rotary club, as part of its youth service support to the community, through the Youth Committee, donated £1,000 towards the costs and arranged for the Cheshire Ice Cream Farm van to come on both days as an extra treat for the children.

Rotarian, John Crowe, who arranged the ice cream surprise, said: “I was in the hall when the children had just finished their lunch and the Cheshire Ice Cream van jingle started playing.

“I have never seen so many excited children jumping up and down waiting to get their free ice cream.

“This, and watching them toast marshmallows during their outdoor activities, made it all worthwhile.

“There is so much to do at the Wingate Centre and their facilities are first class.”

ice cream

Children collecting their free ice-cream.

Julia McGhie, special needs co-ordinator and Nantwich Primary Academy teacher who arranged the visit said:  “The generous contribution from the Rotary Club of Nantwich towards this wonderful trip meant that many children with special education needs were able to go on this residential visit.

“This was a first for most of them and memories made which will last for a very long time”.

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