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Tom’s Blog – May 2021

Tom’s Blog – May 2021

Rotary GB&I President, Tom Griffin, reflects on a month of inspiring highlights in his May 2021 blog.

On the face of it, a less busy month this – but it didn’t seem so at the time, given the extra meetings which cropped up here and there throughout the month.

But it was a month of highlights. Taking them in strict chronological order:

On 5th May it was my privilege to attend the centenary celebration of the Rotary Club of Margate. It’s a joy to celebrate any club’s centenary of service, and Margate was no exception.

Of course, it was one of the clubs formed in the early years after World War One, and I have made reference before to the fact that after each of the two world wars many new clubs were established. Perhaps we shall see the same in the next year or so as we recover from the latest traumatic and disruptive event in our history?

Two days later, of course, came Volunteer Expo Online – and what a great success that was: interesting speakers; a great range of exhibitors showcasing volunteering in this country and what Rotary has to offer to people who want to volunteer; and informative workshops.

After that the days seemed to fly by until it was time for Rotary GB&I’s Annual Business Meeting on 21st May. As I write this, the result of the voting is not known, but this was the occasion when Governing Council presented to the voting delegates the proposals I’ve written about before for significant and important reform of our governance.

The next day was perhaps the most moving and heart-warming of the year when I attended (online, of course) the Rotary Young Citizen Awards. What an amazing group of young people we recognised that day! All the award winners (often in the face of difficulties they themselves faced) had identified a need; something which needed to be done to help vulnerable or disadvantaged people – and had done something about it.

Our motto “Service Above Self” and strapline “People of Action” emphatically apply to the award-winners. An inspiration for us all.

And before the month was out, I was looking at another two groups of inspirational people, as I was part of the judging panels for our two sets of Rotary GB&I’s Champions of Change’ awards – one category for Rotary members; the other for the public.

Those were not easy tasks, such was the quality of the nominees.

As for the winners and the virtual ceremony? Well, that comes in June.