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Ron D. Burton – Trustee Chair’s Column

Ron D. Burton – Trustee Chair’s Column

The Rotary Foundation Trustee Chair 2018/19, Ron D. Burton, shares his latest column.

Every second of every day, Rotarians are doing good in the world through The Rotary Foundation. They are planning, funding, implementing, and completing projects, both locally and globally. It is a source of great pride for us all.

To me, this is one of the unique features of Rotary membership. You can get as involved as you choose. You can participate in a project from beginning to end, or you can join in anywhere in the process. But it all starts with you and me making a gift to our Foundation so that funds are available.

For many of us, a district grant offers the quickest and most convenient way to participate in grant activity, because it usually involves a local project.

A district grant project is a good way to showcase Rotary, to get publicity, to involve prospective members as well as the beneficiaries, and to add value to your own community.

Global grants offer us a way to participate in international projects in one or more of our six areas of focus.

As we develop a project idea, we conduct a needs assessment to determine what is needed in the community, the resources required and how they can be accessed, and how to carry out the project collaboratively with Rotarians, partners, and others in the field.

We make sure that our project includes Rotarian involvement, benefits the greatest number of people, and can be maintained by the local residents once it is completed to ensure a long-term effect for the community. We all take comfort in knowing that these steps have been meticulously followed.

And, because of this proper stewardship and accountability, we all continue to contribute our time, talents, and treasure.

You see, it is our Foundation. We are proud of it, and it is truly making a difference in our world!

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