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You may have never heard of ESRAG, but that’s about to change! ESRAG – or the Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group – is a worldwide organisation which, you guessed it, focuses on environmental sustainability.

ESRAG aims to build awareness, inspire action, and implement club and district-level projects focused on increasing environmental sustainability and mitigation of climate disruption.

They do this through promoting educational resources, dialogue about environmental sustainability, and supporting best practice to be used for both projects and daily choices.

So, what does environmental sustainability have to do with Rotary?

Every person’s actions have an impact on the environment.

Protecting the environment and curbing climate change are essential to Rotary’s goal of sustainable service.”

We can all do our bit to make this a positive impact and not a negative one, and Rotarians are no different.

Past Rotary International President Ian Riseley said, “Protecting the environment and curbing climate change are essential to Rotary’s goal of sustainable service.

“The time is long past when environmental sustainability can be dismissed as not Rotary’s concern. It is, and must be, everyone’s concern.”

Along with being essential to the goal of sustainable service, environmental sustainability has strong links to the original six Areas of Focus – and has just been added as a seventh one!

The links are clear, and the opportunities to positively contribute are enormous.

Whether as an individual, a club or a district, think about what you can do to support the health of the planet and Rotary’s work.


How supporting the environment aligns with our other Areas of Focus

Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention – Sustainability and equitably managing natural resources to address the root causes of conflict and war to increase peace.

Disease Prevention and Treatment – What’s good for the planet is good for us – a healthy environment and access to clean energy helps prevent diseases.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene – Extreme weather events are on the rise as our earth changes, and better locally directed resource management can reverse desertification, detoxify water, and mitigate against flooding and drought.

Maternal and Child Health – Clean air, clean water and sufficient food have significant impact on the health of mothers and children.

Basic Education and Literacy – Healthy children in peaceful environments have increased social stability and are better able to benefit from education and literacy programmes.

Community Economic Development – Environmental sustainability supports local economies and community development for long-term job creation.

Supporting the Environment – Just added because, not only does it align with other Areas of Focus, it is important enough to have its own to support Rotary clubs doing even more good.

To find out more about ESRAG in Great Britain & Ireland, contact: Martin Rooney or Kirsten Weber.

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