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Nicki Scott – Rotary International Director’s Column

Nicki Scott – Rotary International Director’s Column

Nicki Scott invites Rotarians to join her in helping to creating hope, highlighting how just that is already being done in Pakistan.

As my term serving as Rotary International Vice President and Director closes, I truly believe our world needs Rotary now more than ever.

Rotary has been a priceless gift in my life giving me an incredible sense of purpose.

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We all belong to individual Rotary clubs whilst being part of an amazing worldwide movement together making our world a better place!

Rotary clubs are at the heart of our communities, uniquely placed to understand today’s challenges and needs and to work with others to build a better future for so many, including ourselves.

Whatever drives your passion to act I want to thank you for all you do in the name of Rotary.

For many years my Rotary service has been focused on leadership and organisational development for Rotary, Rotarians and Rotaractors.

I now yearn to get back to hands on service, to Create Hope in the World.

In the last issue I talked about my trip to Pakistan. I saw first-hand the desperate look in the eyes of young and old who had lost hope.

The devastating floods mean millions of people have lost their homes, their belongings, their livelihoods, their livestock, their crops, their future. 30% of flood affected areas are still under water.

Rotary is taking action and Creating Hope by empowering and enabling people to build smart villages offering a long-term sustainable future for themselves and their community.

This could be replicated and adapted in other parts of the world to be relevant to local circumstances.

Rotary has been a priceless gift in my life giving me an incredible sense of purpose.”

Find out more at online or contact Humanitarian Service Team Lead 23/24 Jannine Birtwistle.

I am personally committed to helping Rebuild Lives and Communities for the people worst affected in Pakistan.

It was clear to me without basic needs being met, and infrastructure rebuilt, our incredible efforts to help end polio are also at risk.

Let’s involve the Pakistani diaspora in our islands, help them see the impact working with Rotary can have and ultimately the value in joining our incredible organisation.

Let’s do good in the world, end polio and grow Rotary all at the same time!

Will you join me to create hope?

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