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Robert Morris – Rotary GB&I Chair of the Board Column

Robert Morris – Rotary GB&I Chair of the Board Column

Rotary GB&I Chair Robert Morris explains how he enjoys enabling Rotary projects to come to fruition and looks forward to Rotary’s future membership goals.

Our reasons for joining the family of Rotary will be many and varied. Some time ago, while at a Rotary Youth Speaks Great Britain & Ireland Final, I was speaking to the proud father of a participant from a school in our area.

He was so impressed by the opportunity the competition had given his daughter, that soon after he became a Rotarian.

His interest in the projects that his own club were doing in the community kept him involved and in due time he became club president.

For many years I have seen myself as an enabler within Rotary. Yes, I really enjoy getting involved directly in project work. However, with previous roles such as District Foundation chair or GB&I Youth specialist lead, it was so rewarding to help project ideas by other clubs come to fruition and to see the benefit to communities that we may possibly never directly meet.

It also put me in touch with Rotarians across the globe, some of whom have subsequently become close friends.

You will now be hearing a lot about the GB&I-wide North Star project, which is also being supported financially by Rotary International as part of our our Regional Pilot status.

For many years I have seen myself as an enabler within Rotary.”

Led by your Rotary GB&I Board, North Star gives us all the opportunity to develop and regrow Rotary for its long-term future across these islands.

This wide-ranging project will actively involve every Rotarian and whilst at its heart is to regrow our membership, it is so much more than that. We need to ensure that we are providing an environment that members enjoy and thrive in.

The scope of activities within the North Star umbrella is a holistic approach, providing opportunities for all Rotarians to partake in projects they enjoy and not be limited by what is taking place in their own club or even local area.

Our Specialist Advisor Teams have many ideas for opportunities that this refreshing approach to Rotary offers, which they are ready to share with you.

Rotary across Great Britain & Ireland is on an exciting journey, possibly nerve-racking at times, as we push for our 2028 goal; so please embrace it with an open mind.

Whatever the reasons for someone becoming a Rotarian, respect it, develop that enthusiasm and give them the right opportunities to grow.

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