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Online treasure hunt!

Online treasure hunt!

In a bid to find a novel way of fundraising, one Rotary club has come up with a treasure hunt with a difference – you don’t even have to leave home!

You’ve heard of treasure hunts, but now a Rotary club is planning one with a difference to raise funds for charity.

The Rotary e-Club of Innovation was chartered in 2014 and meets online weekly.

One of their major challenges has been to identify sustainable projects to raise funds for the Rotary Foundation.

“Our membership is widespread both in the UK and abroad so direct local community service is not really an option although our members, if asked, are always ready and willing to assist local clubs as required,” explained Eddie Higgins.

So they have come up with an original fundraiser – a treasure hunt which can be carried out from your own home using internet search engines and Google Earth.

Their initial game will include a number of puzzles with cryptic clues that lead to answers which may be related to anywhere or anything in the world.

Eddie added: “We promise that the clues will be challenging but if you are a crossword or quiz night addict and have basic internet skills then this new entertainment activity for an individual, a family or group is for you.”

They are looking for volunteers to help trial the treasure hunt before it is launched in February/March.

The hunt will run for three weeks, giving plenty of time for clue solving, with a proposed entry fee of £5 to raise money for the Rotary Foundation.

“Although we are not proposing a prize for the winner, each Rotary member who submits a full set of correct answers will receive an electronic certificate of merit,” added Eddie.

To find out more, email here.


As a quick taster, have a look at the cryptic clue to see how you get on.

In the daytime gaze from The Peak so high,

At night time from the Temple buy,

In the harbour bob about,

Light and Sound shall make us shout,

Ferried by a famous star,

Now I wonder where we are?

Your fundraising efforts can benefit individuals all over the world.