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Century of songs raises the roof in Darlington for Rotary centenary

Century of songs raises the roof in Darlington for Rotary centenary

Several Rotary clubs in 2023 celebrated special birthdays, including Darlington Rotary, who had local singers put their musical talents to the test to celebrate the special occasion.

Up in bout 100 singers sang 100 songs from ten decades to celebrate the 100th birthday of one of Darlington’s best-known charitable organisations – Darlington Rotary.

Choirs and groups from all over the North East were in the Cornmill Shopping Centre in Darlington for the ‘Century of Song’ event to help celebrate the centenary of the local Rotary club.

Songs were sung from each of the 10 decades Rotary has been serving the community, including one from 1923 the year it was formed – Yes, We Have No Bananas.

The TLC Wellbeing Choir from Darlington.

The singing groups included a scratch choir of members of Darlington Rotary’s council and friends. Others were TLC Wellbeing Choir of Darlington, The Little Choir from Teesdale, Taylor’s Web from Darlington, Enigma, Paradox and Evolution from Tyneside and Darlington Operatic Society.

President of Darlington Rotary, Michelle Thompson, said: ‘Singing is not my forte, but it was great fun singing with my colleagues and friends and the standard of the rest of the groups was fantastic.

‘It was an event designed to let people know about our centenary and the work that we do in our communities. It was very well received by visitors to the Cornmill, who seemed to really enjoy the entertainment.’

The event was conceived by Rotarian Sue Campbell – who leads The Little Choir from Teesdale – and organised by her and her Rotary colleague, Jane Bradshaw – who runs the TLC Wellbeing Choir.

Sue said: ‘Many thanks due to all the excellent groups who took part and to the Cornmill Centre management and staff, who were incredibly helpful’.

Passers-by also donated £150 to Rotary charities.

Other Rotary centenary events include a children’s colouring competition, the siting of a commemorative stone and a concert planned for next year.