Rotary Young Citizen Awards

Celebrating the achievements of outstanding young people who are making a big impact.

Rotary Young Citizen Awards

These awards recognise young people under the age of 25 who have demonstrated positive citizenship, personal achievements, assumed important responsibilities, undertaken community activities or otherwise stood out as exceptional. There are no set categories for these awards.

The awards can be for individuals or groups who have made a positive difference. Examples of this could include champions in their school or local community, young carers, fundraisers, volunteers, or young people who have shown courage in some way.

Nominees do not necessarily have to be working on a Rotary project to be eligible, they just have to be recognised by a local Rotary club, individual or organisation as worthy of nomination. All nominations must go through a Rotary club for their endorsement.

In addition to the Rotary Young Citizen Awards, there are three specific awards, as set out below, all also for young individuals or groups under the age of 25.

Rotary Young Citizen Sporting Hero Award

The Rotary Young Citizen Sporting Hero Award recognises the achievements and contribution of a sports participant or group of participants, or an individual group who is enabling others to participate in sport. Nominees will, in some way, have achieved exceptional things in the world of sport, be it able-bodied or disability sport.

Rotary Young Citizen Peacemaker Award

The Rotary Young Citizen Peacemaker Award reflects Rotary’s focus on promoting peace. It recognises young people who have made a significant contribution by building peace and understanding, whether in their school, local community or internationally.

Rotary Young Citizen Environmentalist Award

The Rotary Young Citizen Environmentalist Award reflects Rotary’s commitment to the Environment. It recognises young individuals or groups who are passionate about protecting the environment and are taking action to make a difference.

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