Rotary Youth Competitions

Rotary GB&I is proud to offer a range of competitions that encourage and celebrate young people’s talents

What do our competitions offer?

From local heats through to national finals, Rotary is proud to offer a range of competitions for young people. These competitions offer an opportunity for participants to share their talents and skills, gain confidence and experience, and challenge themselves in a fun and friendly environment.

With support all the way from your local Rotary club, there is no reason not to take the leap and enter. Click the icons below to find out more about each competition.

What is involved?

Most competitions are run on a multi-stage format, starting off with local heats run by individual Rotary clubs, running through to national finals.

Generally, competitions run from September to April so take a look at the Information Pack for the competition you're interested in for further details.

Who is eligible?

Each competition varies, so take a look at the Information Pack for the competition you are interested in. Some are for individuals, others for groups, some are face-to-face events and others are online submissions. Each Information Pack details the criteria for entry for that particular competition, including ages which are, in most instances, up to 17 years of age. Most competitions are split into appropriate age bands to allow participants to compete against those of a similar age.

How to enter

All the above opportunities for young people are supported in some way in your area by Rotary. For the competitions, a Rotary club will support you through your progression in the various stages. If you want to take part, contact your local Rotary club to find out what their plans are and how they can support you. If your club is unable to help, you will see competition-specific email addresses to contact us in that competition's Information Pack.