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Rotary Leatherhead donates dictionaries to primary school

Rotary Leatherhead donates dictionaries to primary school

Each year, Rotary clubs across Great Britain and Ireland distribute 100,000 dictionaries to school children. Rotary Leatherhead is the latest club to make the gift to a primary school in the Surrey town.

Rotary Leatherhead was delighted to present around 60 copies of the Usborne Illustrated Dictionary to Year 6 pupils at Leatherhead Trinity School.

The books will assist the primary school youngsters with their studies during their final year at the school as well as their future secondary education.

‘Dictionary 4 Life’ is a special project set up by the Rotary Battersea, Brixton and Clapham in conjunction with Usborne Publishing Ltd as part of Rotary International’s global literacy campaign.

Their aim is to provide as many Year 6 pupils as possible throughout Great Britain and Ireland with their own illustrated dictionary, courtesy of their local Rotary club.

Every dictionary is personalised with the recipient’s name, together with the name of the Rotary club that donated it and the date it was presented.

There is also a special page at the front of each dictionary where pupils can collect each other’s autographs, so making it a unique timeless memento of their time at the school.

Almost 100,000 dictionaries are now donated each year to primary school pupils throughout Great Britain and Ireland.

Leatherhead Rotary spokesperson, Simon Edmands, said he was delighted that the club were able to help the school and its pupils in this way.

He added: “Youth and literacy are two of Rotary’s biggest and most important programmes, so it is great to be able to combine them in such a simple yet effective way.”

For further information about the ‘Dictionary4Life’ project, visit here.

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