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Rotary Young Artist 2020: The national results

Rotary Young Artist 2020: The national results

After being given a theme ‘through my eyes’, Rotary Young Artist participants have interpreted this to create some imaginative peices of artwork.

Rotary Great Britain and Ireland is delighted to announce the winners of this year’s Young Artist competition.

Rotary is committed to many matters, however, developing skills of the future generation is a high priority.

Through various youth competitions, Rotary clubs across Great Britain and Ireland are building fundamental skills like writing, speaking and cooking. Learn more about other competitions here.

The aim of Young Artist  is to give young people the opportunity to showcase their creative talent through art.

This year’s theme was ‘Through My Eyes’ and sponsored by Hobbycraft. Hobbycraft are kindly offering prizes to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in each category for the Young Artist 2020 competition.

Juniors (7-10 years old)

1st Place – Ebony Moran 

rotary young artist

By Ebony Moran

Glasses on the beach. Everything blurry except for areas inside the glasses. Ebony said: “I did this artwork because through my eyes everything would be a blur without my glasses.”


2nd Place – Lilly Staddon – Illfracombe Rotary

By Lilly Staddon

Lilly created a silhouette of a cat against a dramatic sunset, created with pastels. She said: “I liked the sunset background and the cat shadow.”


3rd Place – Maisie Wilkins – Ludlow Rotary

By Maisie Wilkins

Maisie put together a fantastic collage of items she found on the beach chosen for this project. She said: “Through my eyes I can see the ocean dissolving into plastic.”


Intermediates (11-13 years old)

1st Place – Abby Lim – Thorpe Bay Rotary

By Abby Lim

A stunning pencil sketch of a woman, standing on the inner eyelid and stretching the pupil of an eye to see inside. Abby said: “I wanted to take the theme – looking through my eyes – literally since it’s surreal and different which is why I drew a woman looking through an eye.”


2nd Place – Florence Day 

By Florence Day

Thought provoking watercolour of a homeless person on the street being ignored by passers by who are being tempted by desirable goods. Excellent use of colours to portray a sombre mood. Florence said: “I believe this relates to ‘through my eyes’ because if you look you can quite often see people ignoring those who need help because they are too proud and don’t want to ‘waste’ their time.”


3rd Place – Lizzie Brandwood – Newbury Rotary

By Lizzie Brandwood

Lizzie submitted a beautiful pen and ink drawing of an animal’s face, with an intense stare. She said: “A picture through my eyes, using my imagination to show that as I look at this animal he stares back at me with a startled glare.”


Seniors (14-17 years old)

1st Place – Ashlyn Madgwick Watts – Plymouth Rotary

By Ashlyn Madgwick Watts

A stunning piece in charcoal of the artist’s brother, effortlessly capturing the character. Ashlyn said: “I wanted to portray my brother as I see him, his beauty and his insecurity. I used the monochrome of charcoal to get the effect I wanted to achieve.”

2nd Place – Zoe Mapley 

Rotary Young Artist

By Zoe Mapley

Zoe did a portrait of her sister. She said: “I interpreted the theme ‘through my eyes’ in this piece by portraying how I see my younger sister Jessica as a fiery, warm personality. I highlighted this by the warm colour palette; portraying her wild side through the texture in her hair and her confidence through her pose. I wanted to use warm tones to relate to her fiery ginger hair, her most defining feature and portray it as something beautiful and crazy, just like her.”


3rd Place – Molly Rossiter – Leicester Novus Rotary

rotary young artist

By Molly Rossiter

Look closely at this tiger’s eyes and you see its pain as the world is destroyed through deforestation. Molly said: “Look me in the eye and tell me you’re sorry. This drawing reflects the impact of deforestation upon a species who face this threat everyday, such as the Bengal Tiger in India. They watch as their homes are destroyed and habitats disappear as a result of human actions. This is what they (animals) see.”

Next year’s Young Photographer theme is ‘Wild Nature’.

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