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Rotary Youth Competition Winners 2021: Young Artist

Rotary Youth Competition Winners 2021: Young Artist

Students have a chance to use their imagination to explore the theme of ‘Wild Nature’ in their own piece of art.

Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland is delighted to announce the winners of the 2020/21 Rotary Young Artist Competition.

The competition is an opportunity for young people to showcase their skills and creative flair to interpret the annual theme. This could be done in any chosen artistic format such as painting, illustration or anything else.

The theme this year was ‘Wild Nature’, where contestants were challenged to capture the vibrant natural world around them.

Age groups have been set to allow for all participants to have a fair chance at winning and have equal skills as their peers. These consist of Junior (7-10 years), Intermediate (11-13 years) and Seniors (14-17 years).

The judges were looking for good technical merit, quality content and composition as well as excellent imagination and style.

Rotary would like to thank the judges for the dedication of their time on deciding the winners and observing the work.

Below are the stunning pieces of work from the winners of this year’s competition:



Lucy Parkinson

1st Place – Melton Aurora Rotary Club

Lucy Parkinson –Melton Aurora Rotary Club

Lucy has chosen to do an oil pastel piece of art showing a rare red fox. There is a heavy focus on each individual strand of fur which gives a deeper more detailed look to the drawing.


Marcelina Witek 

2nd Place – Irvice Seagate Rotary Club  

Marcelina Witek – Irvice Seagate Rotary Club

This lady bird sitting on bluebells painting was done through the use of acrylic paints. Through the use of rich, bright colours, Marcelina has created a defined and vivid painting portraying the theme of the ‘Wild Nature’.



Narin Naseri

1st Place  – Ipswich Rotary Club  

Narin Naseri – Ipswich Rotary

Narin’s art piece shows a close up of a wild tiger’s eye with rich golden tones to highlight its silky glowing fur.


Poppy Goldsmith

2nd Place – West Wirrall Rotary Club

Poppy Goldsmith – West Wirrall Rotary

This acrylic painting shows a tiger eye and has been created using leaves. Poppy has said she has added “little detail so more of the textures were shown.”


Elena Wróbel

3rd Place – Brian Homewood Rotary Club  

Elena Wróbel – Brian Homewood Rotary Club

Elena has chosen to do a hunting Bobcat. The rich two tone green background creates an aura of the forest around the animal showing its wild ways.



Erin Taylor

1st Place – Towcester Rotary Club  

Erin Taylor – Towcester Rotary Club

Erin described her painting as showing “the grace and wildness of an owl hunting its prey at night. The mouse has no idea what is going to happen next so evolution has made the owl the perfect night hunter.”


Juliette Read

2nd Place 

Juliette Read

Juliet’s describes her work by saying “These wild flowers are very beautiful and I thought they described the definition of “wild nature” quite nicely. I loved drawing these flowers in my free time, this was also my first time doing collage. I really enjoyed that I pressed the flowers until they were paper thin, then stuck them on.”


Louis Young

3rd Place – Braunton Caen Rotary Club

Louis Young –Braunton Caen Rotary Club

Louis’ drawing shows a gold crested robin sat on a tree stump with a toadstool. The use of grey paper instead of white has added more depth to the colour and saturation of the whole drawing.

If you would like to participate in the 2021/22 event the theme is ‘Colours of Nature’. For more information follow this link:

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