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School children receive new dictionaries thanks to Rotary

School children receive new dictionaries thanks to Rotary

School children in the West Midlands have received dictionaries as part of an annual project supported by Rotary Wylde Green.

For the 11th year running, the Rotary Wylde Green has been supporting the national literacy programme with their Dictionaries For Life project.

This year the club, which is based in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, has have funded the project in partnership with the Aviva Community Fund.

The project reflects the priorities of the Rotary International movement nationally by gifting dictionaries to pupils in local schools.

This year, the club has donated 318 dictionaries to pupils at Penns, Walmley, Wylde Green and Yenton primary schools.

Amy Coshan, a teacher at Wylde Green Primary School, said: “Year 6 were extremely grateful for the Rotary club to come in and donate the dictionaries to them.

“It is something that we look forward to each year. The Rotary club has carried out this tradition for a number of years and we hope that it will continue for the foreseeable future.

“No doubt we will be involved in more activities, including sporting events, with them.”

School children smiling with their new dictionaries

The Rotary club’s Youth Chairman, Arthur Law, added:

“We are especially appreciative of the donation we have had this year from the Aviva Community Fund that has helped to fund this project.

“Special thanks to the public who support our collections throughout the year and make projects like this possible.

“The Dictionaries For Life project seeks to help children develop their vocabulary and have a better understanding of language, as a result of which they will develop stronger self-esteem.

“We want to support young people as we know they will be our leaders of the future.”

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