Passionately Purple Gin hits the £6,000 mark for polio

Passionately Purple Gin hits the £6,000 mark for polio

Last October, comedian Bobby Ball helped launch the Passionately Purple gin at Lytham Windmill in Lancashire as part of a fund-raiser for Rotary’s End Polio Now campaign. And this Rotary-first purple craft gin has gone down a hit.

The gin keeps flowing and the Public Image awards keep coming to Lytham Rotary on the Fylde Coast, already holders of their District’s trophy.

Rotary International Director Brian Stoyel and his wife Maxine who visited gintastic Lytham recently to receive a cheque for £6,000 on behalf of the End Polio Now project.

This contribution will immunise nearly 95,000 children and there’s more in the vault.

Since its launch on End Polio Day in October last year, 1,050 bottles have been sold.

Brian and Maxine travelled to Lancashire from Saltash in Cornwall where they were impressed with the flavour of the Passionately Purple Gin, the process of marketing the drink and in fulfilling orders.

They met the town’s alchemist and distiller Sara Dewhurst, and the Lytham gin team.

It took nearly four months to finalise the labelling and branding, as well as to perfect the flavour and colour of the gin – but since its launch on End Polio Day in October last year, 1,050 bottles have been sold from Elgin to Truro and recently to Germany.

The gin has been distilled exclusively for Lytham Rotary on the South Fylde coast in Lancashire by Sandgrown Spirits.

Purple is the colour of the End Polio Now campaign, and Sandgrown Spirits has created ‘Passionately Purple’, a magical, colour-changing gin, bursting with the flavour of blueberries.

Deceptively dry, this smooth juniper-led gin has been made with nine carefully selected botanicals.

Director Brian praised the ingenuity and ‘out of the box’ thinking of the club for not only raising the awareness of the Polio End Game but in raising funds.

The Rotary in Great Britain & Ireland’s Public Image team judges recently praised the project, awarding Lytham Rotary a highly commended certificate and a trophy which were presented to club President, John Edwards, by Brian.

The gin initiative goes on, at specialist regional venues such as food festivals and District Conferences being on the must-visit list to raise spirits for a good cause.

Bottles cost £35 each, plus packing and postage of £5.50.

Every bottle sold will raise £6.20 towards the End Polio Now campaign, and that sum will attract a further £12.40 from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

You can download the order form to complete your purchase.

Order forms can be sent via post to the address provided, or emailed to Herbert Chatters.

With your help, we can end polio for good.

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