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Alicia’s music provides backing to charity’s new video

Alicia’s music provides backing to charity’s new video

Talented Doncaster musician, Alicia Reade, has played an instrumental part in helping the Rotary charity, Aquabox, promote its new video.

The Rotary-backed international aid charity, Aquabox, has just updated its video – and turned to a Rotarian to supply the music.

Aquabox has been working with Alicia Reade from Doncaster Rotary to freshen its video.

Alicia’s piece, ‘Aqua’ is available to download from all the usual streaming and download sites such as Apple Music, Google Play Music and Amazon Music.

Roz Adamson from the charity said: “Our Aquabox video needed an update. We wanted to provide information about our vital work but wanted this to appeal to all generations.

“We also wanted the facility to adapt the content to suit different audiences. Although we had the ideas we did not have the expertise.

“Who better for us to turn to than our very own Alicia Reade?

“Alicia worked with two of our trustees throughout the development process. Her technical and musical skills were second to none.

“The result of all this effort is what we feel is both a moving and informative video with an audio track of Alicia’s latest work, ‘Aqua’ which she composed with us in mind.

“We, at Aquabox, hope you will enjoy watching.”

The famous blue boxes stacked up.

Alicia admitted she knew very little about Aquabox until speaking to them at a district conference. As a result, she was keen to use her skills in music and IT to help the charity.

“At the end of the first meeting, I already had my musical composition starting to form itself in my mind,” said Alicia.

“Normally, I keep my music hidden away from other ears until I am done, but with this situation, I needed to know what Aquabox thought.

“To my delight, they loved the music, and I set about orchestrating the skeleton piano version that Aquabox had heard so far.

“All of my recordings were done at home on my laptop with my keyboard and other music gadgetry plugged into it.

“It is truly amazing how tech and music complement each other so intrinsically these days, and I am able to take full advantage of that!”

Alicia said that it had been an absolute pleasure to work with Aquabox. “I am full of admiration for what they do,” she added.

“I sincerely hope that my work with Aquabox will help them to achieve what they need in order to continue to jump into action quickly and save lives worldwide in the most fraught and perilous of situations.”

None of this would be possible without the wonderful support of all Rotarians within the Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland family.”

Since its formation in 1992, Aquabox has sent more than 110,000 aid boxes to more than 50 countries around the world, helping hundreds of thousands of people in times of crisis.

As well as a water-filtration unit, each Aquabox contains a variety of humanitarian aid items, including cooking utensils, hygiene equipment, tools, shelter materials, baby and children’s clothing and educational items.

The charity relies entirely on donations and the fundraising activities of its supporters to fund their work and purchase the items they supply in the aid boxes.

In recent months, Aquabox has sent 100 of its gold boxes and five community water filters to Malawi in the wake of Cyclone Idai, which have the potential to save more than 2,500 lives. A further ship of 250 boxes is planned in partnership with the Christian African Relief Trust.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been in need of food, water and shelter after Cyclone Idai battered Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi in March.

Aquabox is also sending 300 family filters and five community filters to Mozambique which has the potential to save 3,800 lives.

“We await distribution assurances before releasing the aid,” explained an Aquabox spokesman. “We aim to provide a further shipment of Gold boxes once the duty waiver is assured.”

The charity is also working in Yemen. The man-made conflict in this country has led to thousands of families being displaced. with many children suffering from a lack of safe water

Aquabox has been determined to alleviate this suffering and working in partnership Jubilee Outreach Yorkshire (JOY).

Their second consignment of aid to Yemen was dispatched last week. This comprises 250 Gold boxes in addition to medical, educational and food supplies from JOY.

“The aid we send has the potential to save many thousands of lives, but none of this would be possible without the wonderful support of all Rotarians within the Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland family,” added the spokesman.

“So on behalf of all at Aquabox and those families who receive our Aquafilters, a big thank you to all clubs and Rotarians – your help has made this possible.”

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Alicia has also completed an innovative promotional video ahead of the District Conference in Scarborough this autumn.

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