Providing Clean Water

Aquabox: Our aid will get through

Aquabox: Our aid will get through

Aquabox, Rotary’s own disaster relief charity has manage to rapidly respond to desperate communities in need of safe water.

Here in the UK, we rarely experience physical events such as earthquakes, mud-slides and landslips. However, in Nepal, these occurrences present a regular threat to life and communities.

This year on the 14th August, a massive landslide hit Nepal’s Sindhupalchowk district.

This district is characterised by narrow valleys and steep mountains. It is highly rural with woefully inadequate health services. The communities are wide-spread and heavily reliant on cultivating the poor soils typical of this hilly region.

Over many years Aquabox has developed a strong relationship with the country of Nepal.


Over many years Aquabox has developed a strong relationship with the country of Nepal.

Working with the Gurkhas, Nepal Armed Police and Local Rotary clubs, aid boxes are able to be distributed to areas in need, however getting to these communities can prove challenging.

Natural disasters devastate the areas affected, often making them difficult to reach.

The landslide in the Sindhupalchowk districts destroyed roads leaving the communities isolated.

Building and houses were destroyed or damaged, and 11 people died with a further 30+ declared missing.

The only way to get the vital aid to those in need was on foot, often through dangerous and difficult terrain.

aquaboxIt is humbling to witness the efforts local people are prepared to go to, to ensure those in need get the aid they require.

Every box hauled up the steep, crumbling pathways represented a life-line for a family, in particular by providing access to safe drinking water where none is available.

All our aid costs a significant amount to supply and distribute across the world and all our income is contingent upon the generosity of donors.

Earlier this year, Aquabox distributed 160 Aquaboxes to a refugee camp in Syria through their partner Hand in Hand for Aid (HiHAD).

Teams of aid workers carried the boxes to tents and gave instructions on how to use correctly, allowing the refugees access to clean, safe water.

With the help of HiHAD, the Aquaboxes will have reached over 160 families and has the capacity to provide safe water for 1000 people.

You can help to fund Aquabox’s vital work by donating at Every penny received goes towards manufacturing filters and stocking aid boxes – and every penny counts.