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And Finally… – Editor Dave King’s Column

And Finally… – Editor Dave King’s Column

A recent change in distribution means that all Rotary members in Great Britain and Ireland will receive Rotary magazine direct to their door as part of their membership. But you can make your copy go even further!

This month, a copy of the magazine should have dropped through every Rotarian’s letterbox in Great Britain & Ireland. It’s something I have been pushing for since becoming editor two years ago, because I believe the magazine is one of the best marketing tools Rotary has.

Print is dead, chorus the new-age radicals. Everything is published on the internet, they chime. In fact, so much of it is at Rotary, where our digital-first policy ensures the News Section of the website is updated almost daily.

But guess what, print is holding its own. Especially magazine circulations in the UK, as more people prefer the longer-form read. Readers love print for its in-depth analysis, its strong use of images and being able to switch off your laptop or tablet to enjoy a good read.

The message is – Read it & Leave it!

Advertisers love it too because of print’s longer shelf-life and greater engagement.  So don’t kill us off just yet. In fact, we’ve only just begun!

Besides ensuring every Rotarian receives a copy, Rotary magazine has been selected as a suitable publication to appear in business airport lounges in London, Dublin, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast. It will be distributed in Virgin Trains’ first-class lounges and southern cruise ports.

With each issue, 5,000 magazines will be distributed as part of Rotary’s marketing efforts to attract new members.

In fact, when you have finished reading your Rotary magazine, why not put a sticker on the front cover with your club’s details, including a contact number or address, and deposit the latest issue in your local library, doctor’s surgery or community centre for others to read.

Have copies on display at events you attend, or during meetings. Make the most of this resource which is telling Rotary’s story and the impact we make.

Inevitably, there has been some backlash from the green brigade, who believe we shouldn’t bother with a magazine at all, but  post everything online and save the planet.

One charming Rotarian described Rotary magazine as “a waste of money and trees”, adding: “I am afraid that in light of the high profile that attends to the issue of global warming and the limited resources of our planet, this sort of action only reinforces the image of Rotary as an out of touch even anachronistic organisation.”

At Rotary magazine, we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously, as does the publishing industry globally. We are environmentally-friendly, acutely aware of the carbon footprint Rotary magazine has at every point of the supply chain.

We are reducing the environmental impact by using Forest Stewardship Council certified paper, which is 100% recyclable, along with the recycled poly wrap you will receive your magazine in.

We use sustainable inks, and distribute the magazine using a scheme called ‘downstream access’. With each issue, Rotary magazine goes to central sorting offices, which reduces carbon emissions as fewer transportation trips are required.

We are reducing the environmental impact by using Forest Stewardship Council certified paper, which is 100% recyclable.”

Perish the day when the printed word is no longer available. As someone who is currently teaching journalists of the future, my biggest challenge is students’ literacy levels, pulling them away from the dreary text-speak world of digital media.

Read a book, read a newspaper, read a magazine, I tell them.

So please, help Rotary protect the environment for future generations by recycling your magazine, by either giving it to someone, or by popping it into your recycling bin. And in doing so, use Rotary magazine as a marketing tool to tell the Rotary story and grow your club.

The message is – Read it & Leave it!


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