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Rotaract: A catalyst towards peace-building

Rotaract: A catalyst towards peace-building

Innovative solutions require thinking outside the box – and that is exactly what Rotaract does best.

As a service-based organisation, Rotaract has a unique opportunity to work together on every single level to support each other’s efforts towards a better world. Rotaract clubs around the world are becoming a bridge to create a more peaceful and sustainable world.

Promoting peace is one of Rotary’s seven areas of focus and in order to tackle the complex world of global challenges we’re facing right now – we need a cross-disciplinary approach.

We need to use Rotary’s alumni such as Rotary Youth Exchange, Rotary Youth Leadership Award, Global Scholars, Peace Fellows and Rotaractors to leverage their international experiences and share what they’ve learned in their Rotary clubs.

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With over 7,600 Rotaract clubs in more than 158 countries, we have this unique opportunity to make a really big impact – we have access to this incredible global network that can connect clubs together by spreading international understanding, goodwill and peace.

We can also do this by spreading ideas of Rotaract beyond the local club reaching across regional and international borders spreading friendship, the exchange of ideas, and sharing cultural diversity.

There are so many ways to do that some of which could include:

• Collaborations
• Connecting the clubs around the world
• Spreading international understanding
• Embracing diversity, equity and inclusion
• Collaborating on joint projects

Having witnessed the devastating impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, clubs in Europe saw first-hand the rapid response of Rotaractors.

The European Rotaract Information Centre’s (ERIC) rapid response and mobilisation donated 15 defibrillators to Ukrainian cities and raised more than €30,000.

Rotaractors organised medical and relief supplies transportation as Rotarians all across the world established an incredible disaster help network.

They also established a fund-raiser to support a non-Rotary association quickly and efficiently.

Rotaract is led by young people for young people.

ERIC’s quick response is one of many examples of Rotaract clubs’ mobilisation efforts. People often wonder what being a Rotaractor represents? The truth is that we are all change-makers who are at the centre of our communities, coming up with the most innovative solutions.

Innovative solutions require thinking outside the box.

There is a lot of conversation amongst educators about what kind of skills we need in the 21st century which translate into living in a constantly changing world.

You are all living by the principle of Ubuntu by actively engaging in your own communities.”

It is fascinating what young people are becoming, shattering the glass ceilings as we know them and redefining our world!

There is this word in South Africa called ‘Ubuntu’, a beautiful philosophy which embodies the best that humanity has to offer. It translates: ‘I am because you are’.

Nelson Mandela is an inspiration to so many in so many different ways, but he raised the profile of this word in the world by living by its example.

You are all living by the principle of Ubuntu by actively engaging in your own communities.

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