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Fun and Fellowship on Wheels

Fun and Fellowship on Wheels

It’s fun and fellowship – on wheels!

Rotary fellowships are a great way to meet and make friends with other members of Rotary who all share common interests.


The International Caravanning Fellowship of Rotarians (ICFR), is very active in organising rallies in the UK and tours in continental Europe for caravanners and motorhomers alike.

The photograph above shows Fellowship members on a glorious autumn day walking in the Lake District fells in the north of England.

We do have some non-walking members, but we made sure they weren’t left out: they travelled by car to join us for a superb lunch at a Cumbrian pub half-way around the route.

Last summer one of our continental tours visited three different areas on the River Dordogne in France.

One of my personal highlights of the tour was the opportunity for a crowd of us to canoe ten kilometres down the Dordogne back to our campsite.

It’s not always just fun and fellowship on wheels – sometimes it’s on water too!

Carefully holding my paddle in one hand and my camera in the other I managed to get this shot of two very enthusiastic ICFR paddlers racing past us.

They say “An Englishman’s home is his castle” but that maybe doesn’t apply if your home is on wheels.

This photograph below shows just one of the stunning stops we make on our overseas rallies.

ICFR will take you across the UK, Europe and the world to some stunning locations.

In Beynac, our last stop on the Dordogne, a Frenchman’s château towers over this Englishman’s caravan!

ICFR is often described by its members as “the best kept secret in Rotary”.

Nowadays we try very hard to open up that secret to all Rotarians with caravans or motorhomes.

You can find out more about the ICFR by visiting their website. You can also find more information on and a full list of Fellowships on the Rotary International website.


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