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Fore-midable Fellowship

Fore-midable Fellowship

An introduction to the Golfing Fellowship of Rotarians – one of the most popular Rotary Fellowships in Europe.

With more than half of the 1,700 Rotary clubs in Great Britain & Ireland organising charity golf events each year, it’s clear there is a great appeal for the game.

One of the Rotary Fellowships which is particularly popular among European members is the Golfing Fellowship of Rotarians.

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Belgian Rotarian, Luc Salens, from the Rotary Club of Maldegem near Bruges, is President of the Golfing Fellowship of Rotarians (Europe). He would like to see more Rotarians join
the fold.

He explained: “The overarching goal of the Fellowship is to let golfing Rotarians know that there exists a Golfing Fellowship of Rotarians.

“With membership, every golfing Rotarian can receive advance information about upcoming golf tournaments where they can participate, on great courses, with preferential, excellent organisation and a chance to discuss the hot topics of the day all whilst playing the game that they love.”

Currently, there are more than 2,000 members of the European Golfing Fellowship of Rotarians which was founded in 1975 and includes 21 countries.

Meeting with fellow Rotarian golfers and playing golf on the most magnificent golf courses in Europe is within members’ reach.”

In Great Britain & Ireland, membership uptake has been small, so they are energetically encouraging new members to get involved. The only criteria is that you have to be a member of a Rotary club and hold a certified handicap.

The Rotary GB&I Golfing Fellowship group is now being actively promoted. Membership is free of charge via the website which gives members access to register club competitions and enter tournaments throughout Great Britain & Ireland, Europe and further afield, including an invite to participate in the annual European Open Championship.

Colin Winstone from the Rotary Club of Knowle and Dorridge in the West Midlands said: “Numerous countries already have a Golfing Fellowship of Rotarians, however Great Britain & Ireland needs a boost as there are so many golfing Rotarians, but 99% of them have no idea how many clubs and districts host great tournaments on spectacular golf courses.

“Most of them do not know about the existence of the Golfing Fellowship and the benefits that can be gained.

“Meeting with fellow Rotarian golfers and playing golf on the most magnificent golf courses in Europe is within members’ reach. Join us, and enjoy playing golf in Rotary friendship, that’s what we promote!”

Colin pointed out how a number of Rotary clubs including Denby Dale & District in West Yorkshire, Bush Hill Park in North London, Southport Links in Lancashire, and the Derbyshire-based Chesterfield Scarsdale have introduced creative ideas linking both fellowship and charity fundraising through the sport of golf.

In turn, these golf days have raised thousands of pounds for charity, including £21,000 which was donated to the Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice in Huddersfield.

A highlight of the Golfing Fellowship is the European Open Championship which this year will be held in Marbella, Spain from November 13th to 17th.

Before then, the International Golfing Fellowship of Rotarians is organising its world championship in Rome, Italy, on the Marco Simone golf course, two months before it is to be closed for the Ryder Cup.

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