Rotary Youth Exchange

Every year thousands of young people explore new horizons with Rotary Youth Exchange programmes.

Giving young people the adventure of a lifetime.


Do more than just see the world. Broaden your horizons by living and experiencing it with trips supported by Rotary.

Thousands of people, aged between 15 and 25, take part every year and come home with incredible stories of positive experiences which have given them greater self-confidence, an understanding of other cultures and a new language.


Types of Youth Exchange opportunities


Short Term Exchange Programme (STEP)

Try this taster experience during the school holidays.

15 to 17-year-olds will be paired up with an exchange partner and stay with each other for around three weeks, learning about one another’s country and way of life.

Camps and Tours

Across Europe and beyond, Rotary members run camps, some with tours, mainly during the summer holiday, catering for age groups from 15 to 25-year-olds.

Far from being a lonely traveller, you would be with other people your age from across the world so you would experience even more cultures.

An international gathering of students meet up attracted by the theme of the camp, which could be outdoor and sporty or cultural, historical, artistic, or musical.

Most camps last about two weeks, with students mostly living with host families or in hostels. Very few involve living under canvas.

The language of the great majority of the camps is English but from time to time there is one in French, Spanish or German.


Next steps

All you need to do is register your interest online via the dedicated Rotary Youth Exchange website. A member from your local Rotary will meet with you and your family to have a chat about your choice of experience to make sure it is the right one for you.

Unlike commercially-run programmes, the Rotary Youth Exchange is lower in cost, thanks to the support of Rotary members. Typically students would just pay for travel, insurance, visas and personal expenses. There may be additional costs depending on the programme.

The Rotary Youth Exchange, which has successfully run for over 60 years, has a reputation for being safe. Families and guardians can be assured that Rotary has strict safety policies in place which put the welfare of the participants involved first. Host families are checked to ensure that they are suitable and willing to host an exchange participant and will comply with the obligations to help them settle into family life.

More information is available from the dedicated Rotary Youth Exchange website along with an application form and the closing dates for applications which will vary between the programmes.

For Rotary members looking for more information, please sign in your My Rotary account.


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