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Rotarians respond to tropical cyclones in Fiji

Rotarians respond to tropical cyclones in Fiji

“A big thank you, Saffron Walden”, was the message from Rotary in Saffron Walden, following the response to the club’s appeal for unwanted sleeping bags, blankets, towels and sheets.

The recent Tropical Cyclones in Fiji caused considerable flooding and devastation in much of the country.

Saffron Walden Rotary answered an urgent call from the Spinal Injury Association of Fiji for these much-needed items.

Rotary member Ed Netsel who organised the collection said: “We asked anyone who could spare any of these items to bring them to the Saffron Walden Common Car Park on Easter Sunday morning where Rotary Club members were waiting to receive donations.

“By midday, we had completely filled our van. We are absolutely delighted with the response.”

The items collected were despatched to Fiji on April 17th as part of a shipment of mobility equipment collected by the Rotary-supported charity, PhysioNet.

Rotary in Saffron Walden has been working with PhysioNet for several years, collecting unwanted mobility equipment from East Anglia and transporting it to the PhysioNet depot in Yorkshire.

Meanwhile, in Lancashire, Joint Chairman of Lytham Rotary’s Community Service Committee, John Ardern and Peter Haworth, presented a cheque of £500 to Paul Caddy of Wesley’s community kitchen, which is part of Church Road Methodist Church Foodbank.

Lytham Rotary

Lytham Rotary

This follows the £1,000 which Lytham Rotary presented last month for the urgent purchase of two refrigerators and tables.

The Lytham Rotarians were also active on Earth Day, litter-picking on a sun-kissed day on Lytham Green.