Rotary cookbook raises funds for polio

Rotary cookbook raises funds for polio

If you’re looking for a neat Christmas present, how about a cookbook packed with numerous recipes? It’s been pulled together by Rotary Stourbridge in the West Midlands, with the funds going towards Rotary’s Purple4Polio campaign.

With Christmas just a few weeks away, one Rotary club has been doing bumper sales of a new cookbook.

Rotary Stourbridge has developed and printed a cookbook, themed Purple4Polio, as part of continuing efforts to raise money for the eradication of polio.

All recipes have been provided by members of the Stourbridge Rotary Club.

President Andrew Scudamore revealed that early sales had gone very well.

The first hundred books were delivered by the printer in mid-November, and within a couple of weeks more than two-thirds had been sold.

He said: “The book is not aimed for Christmas although it can be a useful present; it is timeless and we hope to sell it throughout the year and thereafter.

“We will be sending copies to the various offices of Bill Gates, and hope to get some response – hopefully with suitable recognition for our enterprising approach!”

They are affordable for all kitchens at just £7 each.

Rotary members around the world have raised US$1.9 billion and given countless hours of volunteering to help immunise over 2.5 billion children globally against polio.

With cases reduced by 99.9% since Rotary pioneered the campaign more than 30 years ago, raising awareness and keeping the disease in the public eye is essential in order to make polio just the second ever human disease to be completely eradicated.

Three countries remain polio endemic; Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria and it is estimated there are 120,000 polio survivors in the UK.

We are on the brink of ending polio now and forever.