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Rotary opens Pakistan Flood Appeal

Rotary opens Pakistan Flood Appeal

The Rotary GB&I Disaster Recovery Trust has opened a Pakistan Flood Appeal following the devastating flooding across the country.

Pakistan has been hit by the heaviest recorded summer rainfall for over a decade, with one third of the country said to be underwater.

It is thought that 33 million people, over 15% of the country’s population, have been affected, with at least 1,136 people losing their lives since the monsoon season began in June.

Early estimates from Pakistan’s planning minister, Ahsan Iqbal, put the cost of the damage at £8.5 billion, with remote communities cut off, communication lines damaged and 150 bridges destroyed.

The Rotary Disaster Recovery Trust has launched a Pakistan Flood Appeal. The Trust is focused on the long-term recovery of areas affected by disasters, and use donations to make grants to Rotary projects to get communities back on their feet.

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How to donate

 There are a variety of ways in which donations* can be made to the Disaster Recovery Trust.

  • By an online payment through GiveStar – Donate Here >
  • By post – Cheques made payable to Rotary International in GB&I Disaster Recovery Trust can be sent to Kinwarton Road, Alcester, B49 6PB. Please ensure that you have indicated the relevant appeal if applicable.
  • By bank transfer – Please email the Trust’s support team to receive the relevant information.


About the Disaster Recovery Trust

The Rotary GB&I Disaster Recovery Trust (registered charity number 1119688), established in 2007, collates donations and makes grants to Rotary projects working to rebuild communities in the long term.

Since then the charity has continued its work with the purpose of responding to major disasters at home and internationally in the reconstruction phase following a disaster.

Typical projects include constructing and equipping schools and community centres, rebuilding infrastructure and providing rescue vehicles.

Over recent years, the Disaster Recovery Trust has collated funds and supporting projects following an earthquake in Nepal, flooding in the UK, as well as hurricanes in the Caribbean, among other disasters.


Apply for funding

Rotary clubs are eligible to apply for funding from the Disaster Recovery Trust to create and implement sustainable, community development projects for areas recently affected by disasters.

For more information on how to apply for funding, please visit the Disaster Recovery Trust page within the Members’ Area. Please note this area is only accessible to Rotary members.


Immediate response

Homes have been swept away by the torrential rainfall, leaving a vast scale of destruction. Many are living in tents on whatever patches of dry land they can find.

The need for immediate aid is growing, and although Rotary is not a first-responder, it supports a number of charities which are. More information below.


ShelterBox, Rotary’s global partner in disaster relief, is deploying an emergency assessment team to the country this week, as well as launching an emergency appeal.

ShelterBox’s Director of International Programmes, Euan Crawshaw, said: “The need for emergency shelter is staggering and growing and our team going to Pakistan will be assessing which communities are most in need, what we can do to help them rebuild, and how to get them the shelter support they need.”

As with so many of their deployments, ShelterBox will use robust local partnerships with Rotary to help deliver aid to those who need it most.

For the latest news on ShelterBox’s deployments, visit their website or follow them on social media.


Water Survival Box

Water Survival Box have offered hundreds of boxes and are working with previous distribution partners Khalsa Aid International and International Medical Corps to assess needs in the country.



Aquabox are planning to contact their partners in Pakistan to understand the possibility of setting up secure supply routes and whether a supply of water filters would assist their response,  also whether it would be possible to set up a secure supply route into the country



*Please note that all donations to the Disaster Recovery Trust are subject to a 2% administration charge to support the running of the trust, and in the event that no suitable project can be found within a period of five years for a specific appeal, the appeal donations will be transferred to the Disaster Recovery Trust’s General Fund. Unless an appeal has been specified your donation will be allocated to our General Fund.