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Rotary-supported local charity wins prestigious UNESCO-Hamdan Prize

Rotary-supported local charity wins prestigious UNESCO-Hamdan Prize

With the help of their local Rotary club, Sabre Education has been awarded the UNESCO Hamdan prize; an honour recognising the improvement of teaching and learning quality worldwide.

Sabre Education’s project was introduced as part of the Ghana Education Service Operational Plan.

The creation of the Fast-track Transformational Teacher Training Programme allowed Sabre and the Rotary Club of Lostwithiel to support one of UNESCO’s main priorities.

The Rotary club donated over £3,300, which was doubled by The Big Give.

All of their money raised is having an international reach and bringing joy to the children of Ghana.

As of March 2018, nearly 800 teachers had been trained.

This has allowed over 22,000 four and five-year olds to begin their education to an exceptional standard.

Dominic Bond, Sabre’s Managing Director, revealed, “These funds covered the training costs for ten teachers on the first phase of our project.

“The successful delivery of this allowed us to unlock much more substantial funding from Comic Relief and UK Aid Direct to fund expansion and replication phases.”

Lostwithiel Rotary had a creative idea of opening toy stores for a few days.

Many donated stock and shop owners contributed by giving their space free of charge for the use of Rotary members.

Dominic continued, “Support from the Rotary Club of Lostwithiel was incredibly timely and catalytic.”

Following the Ghanaian government scheme, teachers are trained specifically.

For example, they will implement the five C’s: confidence, communication, cooperation, curiosity and concentration into their lessons.

Organisations have been recognised for their efforts every two years since 2008, when the award was created.

Sabre Education were crowned one of three Hamdan winners in 2018.

The prize is maintained by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who gives each winner USD 100,000 for their project.

A fantastic contribution will allow Sabre Education to continue its work and keep up the standard of education in Ghana.