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Thatcham Rotarians and Rotaractors put in the miles for food bank

Thatcham Rotarians and Rotaractors put in the miles for food bank

The competition raised over £1,000 and the clubs managed to clock up over 600 miles between them.

Down in West Berkshire, members of Thatcham Rotary Club and their adjacent Rotaract Club took part in a competitive walking challenge with the aim of raising money for West Berkshire Foodbank.

After seeing an urgent appeal for essentials by the foodbank in the local news, the Rotaractors came to Thatcham Rotary with the idea of seeing which club could log the most miles over the course of a week.

Thatcham Rotarians and Rotaractors in the branded t-shirts produced for the challenge.

Both clubs committed to the challenge, tracking how many miles they walked, ran, skipped or jumped.

Thatcham Rotaract ended up taking victory in terms of miles tracked, but the real victory was both clubs working together to raise over £1,000 for the foodbank.

The Thatcham Rotarians were gracious in defeat, congratulating the Rotaractors and saying they were excited to repeat the challenge next year.

West Berkshire Foodbank are part of a nationwide network of foodbanks supported by The Trussell Trust, a non-government organisation working to stop hunger and poverty in the UK.

West Berkshire Foodbank supply people in crisis with seven-day emergency food supplies, with 2022 seeing the foodbank give out 9304 of these seven-day supplies.

Before the challenge, Thatcham Rotaract were taken on a tour of the West Berkshire Foodbank where they got to see first-hand the amazing work done by the foodbank and how the need for supplies is continuing to increase.