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12/04/19 – Rotary Round-up!

12/04/19 – Rotary Round-up!

Slough Rotary continues to provide free cataract operations in India, Fishguard & Goodwick club provide a new laptop to enhance IT development and a school in the Rissingtons held it’s first #Purple4Polio event.

Projects supporting eye care in India, promoting cross-generational IT education and a Purple4Polio school fun day all feature in this week’s Rotary round-up.

Slough Rotary

A free eye camp for cataract operations has benefitted the lives of nearly 500 patients in India this year thanks to Ram Bedi, Slough Rotary member.

Leaflets explaining the project were distributed in English, Hindi and Punjabi by Shahabad Markanda Rotary – a local club to the camp.

Around 500/600 patients gather every year during Shivratri festival for this operation.

This year was the 15th annual occasion organised by Ram Bedi and his club, who are based just outside of London.

Over this time, the team have restored eyesight to over 2,000 people.

Ram’s younger brother represented the family on the day this year.

A total of 468 patients were examined this year, 101 of those were selected to be operated on further.

The remaining patients were given medicines or glasses.

Ram kindly wishes for a small donation, which helps fund for the lenses that Rotary provides.

One lens costs £25; to support the cause, please donate by contacting Ram here.

Patients waiting to be seen

Fishguard & Goodwick Rotary

Nigel Owen, President of Fishguard & Goodwick club, recently decided to take action after acknowledging the ‘Point’ centre needed updated computer software.

Technology has improved over the years, however, the software used at the centre was long out-of-date.

Point’, in full ‘Point Across Communities (PAC), is backed by the Big Lottery Fund but relies on the support of the local area.

Its purpose is to bridge the generation gap by actively promoting and encouraging young people to embrace companionship and support from older members of the community.

To help continue this, the local Rotary club funded for a laptop.

Leon is one of many Digital Champions at ‘Point’, who will be utilising the purchase made by Rotary.

He, with the help of others, offer other members of the community support with IT.

Nigel said: “It was a pleasure to be able to help with this excellent community initiative by the Point youngsters.

“Whilst I was visiting, two members of the public popped in for Leon’s support; this was rewarding for us.”

Rotary satellite: Rotary in the Rissingtons

Recently, Rotary in the Rissingtons approached a local school with an interesting idea for a themed day.

The club mapped out Rotary’s work to the senior team of the school, where they were then invited to speak to the children shortly after.

The Rissington School pupils dressed in purple for their first Rotary event.

Students arrived in purple clothing with a small donation towards eradicating polio.

On Thursday 4th April, Rotary members visited both campuses to speak to the children.

A purple ink pad was used to dye a finger purple – which the members then explained the significance.

At the end of each assembly, head-teacher Sue Dawe led the hymn ‘Be the Change’.

A figure of over £200 was raised during the course of the day.

An additional thanks goes to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, who pledged to match all donations 2:1.

Posted by North Cotswolds Rotary on Friday, 5 April 2019

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