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Christmas fundraising for the Rotary Foundation

Christmas fundraising for the Rotary Foundation

Christmas cards are becoming a thing of the past with printing and supply costs increasing; however, e-club Rotary Club of Innovation has made their e-cards available for anyone in order to support the Rotary Foundation.

With Christmas coming in quickly, now is the time to think about sending out greetings Cards in an easy and fun way.

The E-Club of innovation has created a Virtual Greetings e-card which is offered to all Rotarians, family and friends with the goal of raising money for the Rotary Foundation.

Please subscribe now and circulate this message to all members and friends to support the club’s project and take advantage of sending unlimited eCards through an annual subscription of only £12 for one year or £20 for two years.

Visit their website for more information.

By subscribing, you can send as many cards as you want and raise money for Rotary charities, and you don’t even have to be a Rotarian to subscribe.

Send cards to additional friends and family you normally do not send to and save money on postage!

The aim is to sign up as many subscribers in readiness for Christmas. You can also use it throughout the year for many other celebrations.

Even if you have a subscription with another well-known e-card site you can still enjoy the benefits of this opportunity and donate to a Rotary charity in the process.

We have over 150 Christmas cards as well as several various other themed e-cards too.

Find out more about the Rotary E-Club of Innovation website.