Continuing the fight for women in Afghanistan

Continuing the fight for women in Afghanistan

Activist and former politician Hasina Safi will be joining Rotary’s Empowering Girls seminar with the aim of continuing her support for women’s rights no matter what stands in the way.

On Saturday 5th February, Rotary GB&I will be delighted to welcome human rights activist and former Afghan politician Hasina Safi to the already impressive panel for the Empowering Girls online seminar.

Safi has over 20 years experience in advocating for women’s rights, starting when she was just 15 years old teaching English as a second language to Afghan refugee women.

She has represented Afghan women and civil society at global events and been the recipient of Bibi Khadija Awards as well as an N-Peace Award.

Women’s solidarity and networks have proved to help women.”

The past two decades have seen her work in various national and international organisations at different levels of leadership, most recently serving as Afghanistan’s Acting Minister for Women.

However, since the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan last August she has been forced to leave her position and flee the country for her own safety.

Despite the uncertainty hanging over women in Afghanistan at present, Safi remains determined in her continued advocacy for women’s rights in her home country.

Speaking to UN Women, Safi explained: “We want to help women concretely, by making sure they are the real beneficiaries of aid and funding. There are talented young leaders, talented young women. We can build and invest in them urgently.

“The networking and coordination, which we have built in the last 20 years, needs to be strengthened. Women’s solidarity and networks have proved to help women.”

Hasina Safi has been advocating for women’s rights in Afghanistan for more than two decades.

On what people watching the situation from abroad can do to support women and girls right now, she said: “I think the first thing is attention. Real attention. People message you, and then they vanish. Keep reaching out, keep listening and keep paying attention.

“The first thing I’m asking my sisters and my friends around the world is to respond and communicate with the women you know. Listen to them and try to support and coordinate.”

These call to actions are in line with what Rotary want to inspire through their Empowering Girls initiative and the seminar on the 5th of February will provide a perfect space to discuss this topic at length.

The seminar takes place on the 5th of February and is hosted by Countryfile presenter and Rotary Ambassador Steve Brown.

Hasina Safi will be joined by a host of other inspiring speakers at the seminar including:

  • Anne Wafula Strike MBE – Paralympian and Author
  • Sharmila Nagarajan – Chair of Rotarian Action Group Menstrual Health and Hygiene
  • Nicki Scott – Rotary International Director
  • Elizabeth Usovicz – Rotary International Director and Chair of Rotary’s Empowering Girls Initiative Task Force

This free event is open to all and tickets can be obtained now via our eventbrite page.