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Tony Black – Rotary International Director’s Column

Tony Black – Rotary International Director’s Column

RI Director, Tony Black’s column for the December 2019 – January 2020 edition.

Today, Rotary commands respect all over the world from governments and international organisations.

World-wide, Rotarians have volunteered time and time again, demonstrating their willingness, commitment and ability to carry out projects, big and small, low-key and high profile, inexpensive to high cost.

We have been involved in many issues and projects over the years and laid down the foundations on many that have eventually been taken up by others.

I believe we should get more involved in environment projects which are wide and varied. You might have other ideas.

The discussion is for you in your clubs is where and how you want to get involved.

We need to grow, thrive and flourish by active participation, commitment and involvement in our Rotary clubs.”

Many of our clubs, districts, Rotary International and Rotary in Great Britain & Ireland are changing, hopefully for the better, but only time will tell.

Old codgers like me may not look on change kindly, but if we want Rotary to keep up with the times we need to change, as long as it is for the right reasons.

We need to grow, thrive and flourish by active participation, commitment and involvement in our Rotary clubs.

We live in a fast-moving world, with modern technology allowing us to communicate in a way we could never have imagined even 10 years ago.

Let us make use of the technology in whatever format we prefer to tell the world what we do, are doing, and what we plan to do in the future. No project is too small, we just need the information out there.

On October 24th, World Polio Day saw clubs and Rotarians from around the world actively raising money and creating awareness of our pledge to eradicate the world of polio.

As we approach the finish line, we know that the last mile will be the most challenging and probably the most costly.

We must continue our hard work and commitment to ensure a polio-free world.


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