Rotary-backed charity giving Ukraine access to clean water

Rotary-backed charity giving Ukraine access to clean water

The Rotary Club of Chelwood Bridge’s volunteer-lead charity has consistently been sending water purifying resources to Ukraine.

Water Survival Box, a charity ran by a Somerset-based Rotary club, have been working hard for over a year to make sure those affected by the Ukraine conflict have access to clean water.

The charity is totally ran by volunteers from the Rotary Club of Chelwood Bridge and it’s main focus is providing the equipment needed to purify water for victims of natural or man-made disasters.

A standard box sent out by Water Survival Box contains safe drinking water and a water purification kit as well as tools, water carriers, kitchen utensils, bandages and a female hygiene kit.

Water Survival Box’s resources have been greatly appreciated by those on the frontline in Ukraine.

Since the conflict in Ukraine started in February 2022, Water Survival Box has formed a strong relationship with Rotary Club Ukraine Unity, a passport club based in Lviv, Ukraine.

Water Survival Box have so far sent seven loads of aid from their resources over to Ukraine which Rotary Club Ukraine Unity has received and distributed.

Amongst the resources sent include over 1,000 water filters, with a further 400 waiting to be transported to affected areas. Some of the transportation of these resources has been greatly assisted by Aquabox, another Rotary-backed charity.

The charity have also been able to send 200 full boxes over to Ukraine with the help of the International Medical Corps (IMC), a non-profit organisation based in the U.S.A.

The IMC recently found a temporary storage space for Water Survival Box’s resources in Donetsk, an area that has experienced consistent attacks since the conflict started.

Overall, Water Survival Box estimates the amount of resources sent to Ukraine since the conflict started to be worth over £120,000.