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Rotary set on empowering girls across the West Midlands

Rotary set on empowering girls across the West Midlands

Rotaract Birmingham has joined up with other clubs across it’s local district to start a project that will increase the availability for hygiene products across the West Midlands.

Rotaract Birmingham, in collaboration with the Rotary clubs of District 1060, has recently launched the Personal Care Pantry.

This is a project which practically implements the aims of the Empowering Girls initiative within the West Midlands area.

The Personal Care Pantry (PCP) is a hygiene bank, equivalent to a food bank, but for personal care items (including shampoo, toothpaste, tampons etc.).

Birmingham Rotaract member Cathleen Meehan with a full batch of donations including toothpaste, shampoo and hand sanitiser.

Rotaract Birmingham has requested donations of a least £30 from the Rotary clubs of 1060, as £30 can be used to buy a full set of good quality personal care items (10 categories thereof) for 3 women, including products suitable for vegans and individuals with sensitive skin.

To date, a total of £150 has been collected, which has been used to buy 5 full sets of items, over 150 personal care products in total.

The items purchased for the PCP have been given to two charities – Birmingham and Solihull Women’s Aid and Anawin (Balsall Heath-based women’s centre). These charities will provide the items to the women they support, who have been victims of domestic abuse.

Reader’s of this article can look forward to more of a spotlight on the issue of Empowering Women in February’s issue of Rotary Magazine!