Rotary supports Ukrainians in the UK and abroad

Rotary supports Ukrainians in the UK and abroad

From transporting medical supplies across the continent to organising a BBQ for newly homed Ukrainians, Rotary continues to support those affected by the conflict in Ukraine.

In Leicestershire, the members of the Lutterworth Rotary Club wanted to make sure that their new Ukrainian neighbours could feel part of the community.

The club put on a BBQ where hosts and their Ukrainian guests could meet each other and the club could honour their tremendous efforts.

The event, jointly organised by Lutterworth Rotary alongside local Ukrainian Co-Ordinator with his wife Marion, was attended by over 60 people.

Guests had come from many parts of Ukraine including Lviv, Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkiv and Mariupol. They all had the opportunity to relax and have some great food provided by the club as well as the hosts.

The younger people in attendance also had a very entertaining day as they were able to take part in a variety of games on the lawn.

Vital medical supplies ready to be shipped out to Ukrainians in need.

In spite of the tough situation back in Ukraine, it was a very happy day and a sign of the support Lutterworth Rotary will continue to offer to their new Ukrainian guests.

Rotary isn’t just supporting those Ukrainians taking refuge in the UK as proven by the work done by Channel Rotary, Kent and the newly formed Earlscliffe College Interact Club to deliver medical supplies to Ukrainians in Romania.

Earlscliffe College Interact was founded in 2021 with the help of Channel Rotary and since then has forged ahead under the leadership of Founder President Iulia Lambrinon and newly elected President Yasir Idris, with Iulia having a direct link with Timisoara Rotary Club in Romania.

One of the Timisoara members is a doctor who has contacts and friends in Ukraine. With a £2,000 donation from Channel Rotary, shipments of urgently required medical supplies have been transported across Romania to the border where they are picked up and taken to where there is greatest need.

The President of Timisoara Rotary, Daniel Lighezan, said: “The support we have received from our fellow Rotarians, especially the Folkestone Channel Club and their new Earlscliffe Interact Club, has helped immensely in the major task of aiding our neighbours in Ukraine.”