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Rotary Young Photographer 2022: The national results

Rotary Young Photographer 2022: The national results

Participants of the 2021/22 Rotary Young Artist Competition have been tasked with the theme of ‘Colours of Nature’, these are the results.

The annual Rotary Young Photographer Competition provides an opportunity for young photographers to share their talents of capturing moments which easily skip the human eye.

Young Photographer is one of ten competitions organised by Rotary Great Britain and Ireland to challenge young minds. To find out more about what other competitions are available click here.

Each year the participants are provided with a theme to focus on, with this year’s being ‘Colours of Nature’.

As part of this competition, participants aged 7 to 17 are asked to express themselves through a lens and show their interpretation of the annual theme in the most creative way.

This year’s winners include the following:


Senior Section


1st Place – Olivia Barnett

A deer lying down in the moorlands.

2nd Place –  Luke Sullivan

A frosty foggy morning in a field.

3rd Place –  Iona Munro

A dragonfly perched on a branch full off leaves.

Intermediate Section


1st Place – Sophie Chamberlain

Close up of a white flower showing intricate details.

2nd Place –  Isla Hitchen

A field of pumpkins on a fresh autumn day.

3rd Place – Niamh Donnachie

A soap bubble’s surface is covered in a rainbow of colours.

Junior Section


1st Place – Horatio Martin

Blossoming plant against a complementing background of pink leaves.

2nd Place – Eiljdh Shannon

A bright toadstool in a bright forest setting.

3rd Place – Isabella Hazlehurst

A countryside lane with the end of the rainbow in sight.


If you are interested in getting involved in the 2022/23 Rotary Young Filmmaker Competition the information pack and poster will be available soon!

For more information about the competitions and to get involved please contact your local Rotary club.