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Rotary Young Writer 2022: The national results

Rotary Young Writer 2022: The national results

Participants of the 2021/22 Rotary Young Writer were faced with the theme of ‘Environment’. Here are the winning authors.

The annual Rotary Young Writer Competition provides an opportunity for writers to express their creative side through written prose of their choice.

Young Writer is one of ten competitions organised by Rotary Great Britain and Ireland to challenge young minds. To find out more about what other competitions are available click here.

Each year the participants are provided with a theme to focus on, with this year’s theme being ‘Environment’.

This year’s event has been proudly sponsored by Matthew James Publishing and Kenilworth Books.

As part of this competition, participants aged 7 to 17 are asked to write a piece of prose of any sort, whether it is a poem, journal or short story.

To view the whole pieces of work click this link.

This year’s winners include the following:


Senior Section


1st Place – Lily Tibbitts

‘Saving the World one painting at a time’ is a short story about how just one person can inspire someone to change their ways.

If we all aim to inspire someone, we can make a huge difference.


2nd Place – Zachayaa Ishraq

Zachayaa’s ‘Environment Poem’ showcases the impact that humans have on damaging the world, from cutting down trees to pumping poisonous gasses.

It is time solutions are found before it is too late.


3rd Place – Blathnaid Brennan

“What about us?” is a short story about two polar bears; a mother and her pup. They are the last of the kind due to the irreparable damage caused to Earth.

However, like the rest of their species, they too cease to exist


Intermediate Section


1st Place – Jamie Hancox

Jamie’s poem ‘The Environment’ focuses on the melting ice caps and how, due to global warming, various creatures great and small are losing their habitats.


2nd Place – Zahra Hamdulay

‘A better place’ features the world as it used to be – a ‘better place’. However, due to the negligence that humans caused it has now been ruined.

Zahra calls for people to come together and take action to make the world back to what it used to be.


3rd Place – Emmy Burgess

‘Ivy’ is a short story about a father who was a writer and lost his muse: his wife. This resulted in writer’s block.

His children advised him to write of a memory so he did, writing about how he met his wife, the mother of his children, the beautiful woman in the forest.


Junior Section


1st Place – Lana Finan

‘Environment’ is a poem about nature – both its beauty and danger.

Lana focuses on all of the smallest details, from vegetation and animals to the beauty of the mountains.


2nd Place – Sam Berrington

‘The Earth’s Diary’ is a journal written from the perspective of earth from the beginning to two potential ends – one where the world ends and one where humans act and rescue the world.


3rd Place – Natasha Gregson

‘This diary belongs to a plastic bottle’ is the journal of one plastic bottle and what happens from the beginning to being left to decompose for years in the middle of a landfill.

The bottle decomposes with no humans left on Earth due to the effects of global warming.


If you are interested in getting involved in the 2022/23 Rotary Young Filmmaker Competition the information pack and poster will be available soon!

For more information about the competitions and to get involved please contact your local Rotary club.