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Rotary Youth Competition Winners 2021: Young Filmmaker

Rotary Youth Competition Winners 2021: Young Filmmaker

The Young Filmmaker competition participants took on the challenge of becoming a Producer of their own short film, here are the results.

Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland would like to congratulate the winners of the 2020/21 Rotary Young Filmmaker competition.

In the 2020/21 task, students were asked to produce their own five minute film based on the theme of a ‘Challenge.’

Age groups have been set to allow for all participants to have a fair chance at winning and have equal skills as their peers. These consist of Junior (7-10 years), Intermediate (11-13 years) and Seniors (14-17 years).

The main aim for the competition is to allow young people to experiment with filmmaking, use digital and traditional filmmaking methods, demonstrate their interpretation skills and express themselves and their creativity.

Below are the impressive short films created by the participants with the judges’ comments:

Lights, camera, action!



 1st Place – Oliver Dunmore – Rotary Club of St Ives (Cambs)

Oliver’s Short film portrays his father’s journey to getting fit in order to be more involved with his kids. However his dad ends up in a cast due to unforeseen events.

“We were impressed with the filming as Oliver played all three roles in the film and managed to appear beside himself.”




1st Place – Robert O’Connor- Rotary Club of Winchester

Roberts’s short film shows the story of a detective that is hunting for clues, which are located at Covid contagious areas of Quarantown.

“Quarantown. A 1930s style black and white private eye short with good filming and a nice trail of clever clues. Nice structure to the story and really captures the attention of the audience who have to read the clues as well as watch the action. Relates very well to the COVID-19 pandemic as it is coronavirus which is the killer, claiming lives when people touch contaminated surfaces.”


2nd Place – Ralph Martin – Rotary Club of Kingsbridge Estuary

Getting past writers block is a real challenge. What to write and how to write it. What is your creative voice? What is your unique perspective on a particular issue? You find ways to distract yourself so you don’t have to think about it, but at the end of the day you have to snap out of it and challenge yourself to get it done.

“The Typewriter. Nice sequence showing an author struggling with writer’s block. A nice scene which needs to be part of a bigger story which explains what he is trying to write and why it is important.”


Rotary would like to thank the judges for the dedication of their time on deciding the winners and observing the work.

If you would like to participate in the 2021/22 event the theme is ‘Environment’. For more information follow this link:

Youth Competitions – Our Projects – Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland (