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Rotary’s woodland tribute to Covid victims

Rotary’s woodland tribute to Covid victims

Doncaster’s three Rotary clubs have created a lasting tribute to those who lost their lives during Covid-19.

The Rotary clubs of Doncaster, Doncaster St Leger and Doncaster St George’s decided to work together to create a memorial wood near to Sandall Beat Wood and Doncaster Racecourse, with the approval and support of Doncaster Borough Council.

It will also serve as a tribute to those who have suffered long term effects from Covid-19. The outcome was to create a Memorial Wood

In November last year, Rotarians, together with young volunteers from the Club Doncaster Foundation and Doncaster College planted 1,500 young trees donated by the Conservation Volunteers.

A team from Doncaster Council prepared the land and they will provide ongoing grass maintenance. Pacy & Wheatley Construction Ltd provided facilities on the day and the Rotary Foundation helped with funding.

Doncaster Mayor Ros Jones, Dame Rosie Winterton MP, Joe Coles from The Conservation Volunteers and Rotary members attended the official opening ceremony of the COVID Memorial Wood.

Rotarian Colin Jeynes with Doncaster Mayor Ros Jones and Dame Rosie Winterton MP.

Mayor Ros Jones and Dame Rosie Winterton noted how fitting it was that the community had pulled together to create the peaceful setting of the new wood and adding to a cleaner, greener city.

Rotarian Colin Jeynes who led the project thanked his Rotary colleagues Paul West, Ken Waight and David Street who were involved in the project from its inception and all those who helped in its creation.

The wood contains three benches with commemorative plaques to provide a lasting place of peace for loved ones to remember those whom we have lost.

For any Rotary club in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland which wishes to plant trees this year, the Conservation Volunteers have offered to supply free young trees (whips) of mixed species.

If you are interested, please contact initially. Clubs in the Republic of Ireland may wish to investigate whether they have access to similar schemes.