Two Surrey Rotary clubs unite to grow fresh food for their community

Two Surrey Rotary clubs unite to grow fresh food for their community

Two Rotary clubs have set up a joint allotment project that is set to help members of the community struggling for food in these difficult times.

Down in Surrey, The Rotary Club of Epsom and The Rotary Club of Ewell have started a joint allotment project that provides organically grown food for free to their local food pantry.

A dedicated team meets every Wednesday and Saturday to water and tend to the great variety of produce being grown their including spinach, tomatoes, beans, peppers, herbs, berries and lettuce just to name a few.

Both clubs got to celebrate the project’s progress so far.

Currently the food is being provided to Epsom Pantry, with some of the team recently committing to delivering the produce via bicycle in an effort to be even more environmentally friendly.

The clubs recently got together at the allotment to hold a celebration of the project’s impact so far with guests from both Epsom and Ewell as well as friends.

Everyone brought plates of food to share amongst the guests and there was the opportunity to view the amazing produce and arrangements the project has spawned so far.

In these economically trying times, both clubs see this as an extremely valuable project that has seen members of the community getting involved as well.