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Is this the youngest ever Rotary speaker?

Is this the youngest ever Rotary speaker?

Speakers are a regular feature of Rotary’s meetings, and these come in all shapes and sizes – and interests. But how old has been your youngest-ever speaker? A Lancashire Rotary club believes they may have set a record.

Five-year-old Austin Brennan certainly became Lytham Rotary’s youngest when he told members just why he wanted to raise funds for defibrillators in the town.

Mum Katey also came along with Austin to the Lancashire Rotary club to tell about the congenital heart defect — Tetralogy of Fallot — which Austin was born with, resulting in him undergoing major heart surgery at three months.

The family raised funds three years ago for a defibrillator for a local play park.

When Austin heard earlier this year that it had saved the life of a two-year-old girl, he asked if they could raise money for more equipment.

Austin visited Lytham Rotary to tell members about his congenital heart defect — Tetralogy of Fallot.

Thanks to a JustGiving page and a charity cycle ride which Austin took part in they have now raised funds for two further defibs to be placed in their home area of Ansdell in Lytham.

When Lytham Rotary members were alerted to the appeal, they quickly stepped in. Austin didn’t want to stop there as his success resulted in a further boost to purchase a second one.

Members were so impressed by their young speaker that Austin went away with even further funds.

Obviously a Rotarian of the future.

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