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Rotary supports appeal to help homeless victims of war in time for winter

Rotary supports appeal to help homeless victims of war in time for winter

The Rotary GB&I Ukraine Crisis Taskforce is sending out an urgent call to action to provide new homes for residents of the destroyed Ukrainian village of Moshchun.

For the residents of Moshchun, Ukraine, the lives they had built were suddenly destroyed as their home became a battleground for Russian soldiers forcing their way into Kyiv.

Eighty percent of the village was destroyed. What was once a peaceful village that would now be seeing families out in the street enjoying the summer has now been reduced to a desolate pile rubble and scrap.

Despite all that is happening in Ukraine, many of the 5.2 million Ukrainian refugees that have been displaced across Europe wish to return home.

This is why the Rotary GB&I Ukraine Crisis Taskforce have set out to help raise a target of £3 million in order support the building of 300 temporary homes in Moshchun before the first snow arrives in October.

80% of Moshchun was destroyed as the Russian army forced it’s way towards Kyiv.

As Rotary GB&I Ukraine Crisis Taskforce member James Onions explains: “By October the freezing temperatures will be occurring in the villages around Kyiv so now is the time to prepare for winter.

“We are looking at people who want to rebuild their homes and lives and remove their dependency on others.”

The Ivano-Frankivsk and Kyiv-City Rotary Clubs, along with Ukraine District 2232, have partnered with the local UA Dream Fund to start rebuilding the village.

These modular homes, which can accommodate up to 2 adults and 2 children, will be given for their free of charge use until the restoration of permanent housing, with Rotary members in Ukraine set to help with site clearance and installations.

However, the window of opportunity to raise these funds is narrow.

Each temporary home, complete with essentials such as a fridge, beds, heaters and tables, will cost £12,500 (US$12,500 or €12,500) and this price is fixed until the end of the calendar year.

How can you help?

We wish to encourage all Rotarians to get involved with this recovery project in whatever way they can so that Moshchun village can stand as a symbol of hope for those displaced by war.

If you are Rotarian or Rotary club, contact your District Team to find out if collections are being made in the district where the funds are going towards Ukraine.

Money can also be paid directly into the Ukraine District 2232 Account. You can find the correct bank details and references for the account as well as other useful resources on our website.

Also, any district willing to help the Moshchun recovery project can apply for a Disaster Response Grant from the Rotary Foundation (see this draft application for inspiration).

Alternatively, if you are a district that already has a Disaster Response Grant for Ukraine that hasn’t been fully spent, you can ask to have it repurposed so the balance can go to the Moshchun Recovery Project.

If clubs or districts have any questions on how they can get involved in this project then don’t hesitate to email Rotary GB&I Ukraine Taskforce Chair Allan Smith.